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About Me, I’m Mo!


I guess if you’re looking at this you want to know a little about me, but I gotta be honest---you could ask me to write about literally anything else and I’d have a better time with it. If we were chatting in person, it would be wayyyyy easier because then I could be like: “So what kind of things are you into?” and maybe you’d say “something.” and I’d find a common thread in the something you mentioned. Then that something could build into another something, maybe even a greater something altogether because of our collective ideas about the something. Then we could step away from that something with an even greater understanding of the something in the first place.


I guess what I’m really boiling down to is connection. I don’t really have anything profound to say about it, but what I hope to convey is that I love tying together even the smallest of unifying moments with other people. Whether it’s where we grew up, food, memories, you name the topic, we’ll find something. Art is a facilitator for connection, because with it we have the capacity to find not just a connection, but an opening. Art can expose truths, lift our spirits, and recall our pasts. One work can elicit a thousand feelings from countless audiences, but because it opens us to connection, it effects us all. Sometimes, art can even unite us.


So...what was the question again? About me. Oh ok. Well, I’m an artist.

Mo Shipley_Danny Fender and Adam T Crawf
Smiley Option.jpg

Photo Collaboration with Danny Fender and Adam T. Crawford

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